Every journey leads to a story worth sharing.

Bring your adventures to life with Garmin BaseCamp.

This is to inform you that Adventures and Garmin Cloud services will be discontinued after May 21st, 2018 CDT. Users can access these applications through the published date to retrieve their data. The Adventures on your computer will be left in place but find and publishing will be discontinued. Users who wish to sync their data to a third party Cloud storage service may do so by modifying the Database Options in BaseCamp to point it to a folder under the Cloud storage service root.

Garmin Adventures provides a free, interactive way for you to swap your stories with a community of fellow explorers, brag to your buddies about your travels, or let friends and family find your favorite spots.


Bring Your Device Along for the Journey

You can make an adventure out of nearly anything, whether you’re climbing a mountain, hitting the highway, taming a single-track or exploring an amusement park. Just bring your GPS-enabled device with you the next time you head outdoors. You can use any device as long as it's capable of collecting and exporting track logs.


Build Your Adventure in Garmin BaseCamp

With your journey complete and GPS data in hand, our free BaseCamp software walks you through the process of creating an interactive timeline. You can add geotagged photos, YouTube® videos, geocaches and notes to help guide others through the details of your experience.


Send Your Story to Friends and Family

You can email your adventure, share it on Facebook® and Twitter®, or post it in your favorite forums. When you publish, you're also sharing your adventure with a community of fellow explorers who can see where you went and what you experienced along the way.


Discover New Adventures

Your adventures live in the cloud, so you can experience them online, on your GPS device, on your phone or in BaseCamp. You can also find inspiration for your next journey by searching BaseCamp for other adventures.

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