Course Lenght: 5000 m Category: C Competition Level: WSC/FIS Height Difference (HD): 60 m Maximum Climb(MC): 52 m Total Climb (TC): 190 m Lowest Point: 900 m Highest Point: 960 m

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Opprettet av: GARMINIT
Avstand: 5.0 km
Dato: 14.12.2012
Nøkkelord: Nordic Ski
Vanskelighetsgrad: Avansert


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Punkter av interesse

The "Valena" climb is normally the first uphill that the athletes have to face when competing in a race hosted in Lago di Tesero. It features a total length of almost 250 meters and a maximum gradient of 18.5%. Besides, it leads the athletes through the underpass built on top of the hill at the crossing point between two different parts of the ski-track.
The "Capol" climb is named after Fis executive and former Swiss cross-country skier Juerg Capol, one of the fathers of Tour de Ski. This 167-meter-long climb is placed after a long and easy downhill that leads the athletes outside the cross-country stadium. The maximum gradient of the "Capol" climb is 17.5%.
The "Vasche" climb is one of the toughest of the whole ski-track in Lago di Tesero, with a total length of 219 meters and a steep gradient that reaches almost a staggering 22%. Enough to put the athletes and their skis to a real and challenging test.
One of the most famous climbs of Val di Fiemme: the «Chiesa» uphill. Named after the small church that can be seen on the background, this climb has proved crucial in many World Cup races hosted in Val di Fiemme, not for its length (112 meters) or gradient (max. 18.8%), but because of the pace used by the best skiers to literally «fly over it».
Introduced for the first time during the 2012 Pre-World Championships cross-country races, the «Pojer» climb isn't very long (87 meters), but it is one of the toughest climbs of the entire track, particularly for its average gradient, which reaches a maximum rate of 18.1%.
The last climb of the ski-track and therefore one of the crucial parts of the course, where a strong and bold action can allow the best athletes to make the difference and break away from the group. With a total length of 145 meters and a maximum gradient of 16.7%, the «Zorzi» climb leads the athletes right over the underpass that at the beginning of the track takes them outside the stadium.
Placed between the finish line and the starting area, the transit area has characteristics similar to the final straight and therefore provides the perfect place for «testing» the skis before a possible final sprint. Besides, the atmosphere provided by thousands of spectators in attendance on the grandstands is something unique and not easy to forget.