Start and endpoint are situated at the 'Ravenhof' in Stabroek (Belgium) The walk itself is mostly on Dutch ground. So you will have to use the map of Belgium and the Netherlands for this. The entire trip is mainly in the forest on sandy trails.




Gemaakt door: Tony_Verbert
Afstand: 12.7 km
Datum: 24-02-2016
Tags: Bos, Boswandeling, Brabantse Wal, Forest, Ravenhof, Stabroek
Moeilijkheid: Beginner


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Created by Google My Tracks on Android Name: Oud Broek 2 Activity type: walking Description: - Total distance: 12.40 km (7.7 mi) Total time: 2:24:44 Moving time: 2:21:03 Average speed: 5.14 km/h...