Course Lenght: 1505 m Category: D Competition Level: WSC/FIS Height Difference (HD): 28 m Maximum Climb(MC): 33 m Total Climb (TC): 53 m Lowest Point: 903 m Highest Point: 931 m




Matka: 1.6 km
Päivämäärä: 14.12.2012
Merkinnät: Nordic Ski
Vaikeusaste: Kokenut


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The "Valena" climb is normally the first uphill that the athletes have to face when competing in a race hosted in Lago di Tesero. It features a total length of almost 250 meters and a maximum gradient of 18.5%. Besides, it leads the athletes through the underpass built on top of the hill at the crossing point between two different parts of the ski-track.
Introduced for the first time during the 2012 Pre-World Championships cross-country races, the «Pojer» climb isn't very long (87 meters), but it is one of the toughest climbs of the entire track, particularly for its average gradient, which reaches a maximum rate of 18.1%.