The next morning we took in a petit dejeuner on a side street before loading up once again and heading for Monaco. Monaco, what a shit hole. A cramped town of traffic and high rise buildings. We fought our way down to the harbour and took a look at the collection of ridiculously lavish yachts moored up before preparing for the main event of a couple of laps of the F1 course (Circuit de Monaco). We followed it best we could given the road works and the amount of traffic but despite this I’d say we took in all the best bits, the starting grid, the Mirabeau, the tunnel, Piscine and La Rascasse. All this with out getting caught by the gendarmerie. We got out of Monaco as soon as possible after our laps with another slog on the Autostrada in prospect, and with one last look at the place from Palace Vista we were gone. We decided to let the Nav V take us the absolute quickest way to our next stop, La Norma, forsaking the excellent road that we had rode down to Susa. But as we racked up toll after toll we wondered if it was worth it. Already smarting from the constant payouts we then got hit with another €29 to take the final tunnel (T4 – see below) out of Italy. It was a fine feat of engineering through the mountain but it brought our journey to something like €150 in tolls alone! To quote wikipedia: The Fréjus Road Tunnel is a tunnel that connects France and Italy. It runs under Col du Fréjus in the Cottian Alps between Modane in France and Bardonecchia in Italy. It is one of the major trans-Alpine transport routes between France and Italy being used for 80% of the commercial road traffic. Construction of the 13 km (8.1 mi) long tunnel started in 1974, and it came into service on 12 July 1980, leading to the closure of the motorail shuttle service in the Fréjus rail tunnel. It cost 2 billion francs (equivalent to €700 million at 2005 prices). It is the ninth longest road tunnel in the world (as of 2014). On the other side of the tunnel we got our bearings and punched the accommodation address into the SatNav. Climbing up another set of hairpins we arrived at La Norma and to the treat of a perfect little purpose built ski village. There were bars, restaurants and shops. The perfect way to relax after a long ride.




Created by: redsmartie
Distance: 241.0 mi
Ascent: 16,835 ft
Date: 07/21/2016
Duration: 9 hrs 18 min
Descent: 12,469 ft
Difficulty: Moderate


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