The next day was another scorcher. We were now heading towards some of the most well known Swiss passes. I did mention having riding buddies who preferably get involved with the route planning and with an itinerary of which I had the only copy. Explaining the route and repeating the names of the passes was getting tedious. Regardless we were back on the road heading through the Swiss valleys that follow the Rhône with its many vineyards (it was pointed out, have you ever seen a bottle of Swiss wine?). We had decided that after a number of days of heavy riding we would break the passes up a bit and tackle the others on the second day we had in Andermatt. So heading up and over the stunning Grimsel Pass we turned around and after stopping back on the other side to take a number of photos of the Furka Pass we dropped back down to the junction onto the Furka and rode up it where we then stopped to take pictures of the Grimsel Pass. I should mention at this point that I was loving the way the GS was eating up the hairpins. What was slightly disconcerting was the lack of barriers and I did my best not to peep over the edge for fear of a bit of target fixation and a considerably long drop!




Created by: redsmartie
Distance: 123.2 mi
Ascent: 16,017 ft
Date: 07/21/2016
Duration: 7 hrs 33 min
Descent: 14,554 ft
Difficulty: Moderate


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