Lauterbrunnen is certainly a strange place. It doesn’t take you long to realise that there are Chinese people everywhere, even to the point that one of the red flags on the front of the hotel that I had assumed was a pair of Swiss flags was in fact a Chinese flag. Digging out the phone we searched for somewhere to eat having decided that eating in the hotel possibly wasn’t the best option. We were directed to a campsite that was half a mile down the road that had a well reviewed restaurant on site. In fact it turned out to be a very nice restaurant come après–ski bar. Weissbier and Wienerschnitzel all round then. I did wake up that night and need to relive my bladder. Not fancying strolling around the hotel in my underwear I decided I needed to be ‘resourceful’. The room had a wastepaper bucket and there was a window. I’ll leave it at that and say no more about Lauterbrunnen. The final day had promised more of the same weather wise and that coupled with the need to get the bikes back to Geneva to get them loaded on the lorry and see it on its way meant that the group decision was to take the fastest route back to our starting location. Once again the rain suits were out again and we headed back to Thun, Bern and Lausanne before reaching Geneva in good time. With the bikes handed back to Bikeshuttle it was time to review our ride and compare notes with the others that were arriving back from their routes in Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria and Corsica.


Points of Interest



Created by: redsmartie
Distance: 148.0 mi
Ascent: 4,399 ft
Date: 07/21/2016
Duration: 4 hrs 5 min
Descent: 5,649 ft
Difficulty: Moderate


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