By now we had properly got to grips with the Nav V and I was changing the shaping points to waypoints on the device. This made a massive difference and we were following the routes with confidence. This all made for one of the best days of the trip, back though Col de l’Iseran (the D902 is a treat), Col de Petit St Bernard and Col de Gran St Bernard on the way to Martigny. We started with another coffee in a small village with a newsagent, come tobacconist, come coffee shop who sent us across the road to a patisserie to get our fresh croissants. I’ve yet to mention the weather but it had been glorious sunshine and this made the views all the more spectacular to the point where we stopped all to often to take photos. Its hard to pick out a specific road as they were all stunning but the top of the Petit St Bernard was one that particularly stood out. We stopped for a rest and a coffee in the village at the top, got our picture of the carved St Bernard dog and carried on to more great roads roads, hairpins and scenery at an ever increasing rate. We stopped at the top of the Grand St Bernard for lunch. It had a crazy feel about it with all manner of vehicles pulling up and a row of wooden huts selling souvenirs including the obligatory stuffed St Bernard dogs. We dropped down and towards Martigny before another short climb that took us to the evenings accommodation at Salvan, just north of Martigny. The place we had picked was a nice self contained apartment but the owner was a little strange and made up wear croc shoes in the apartment, which was a pain when you are trying to unload a bike and going in and out, boots off crocs on and vice versa. Salvan was our first stop in Switzerland as all previous overnight stays had been in France and in Euros and while the exchange rate had currently been suffering this was nothing to how expensive we found Switzerland, especially food. A word to the wise for anyone following our footsteps. Be prepared with plenty of Swiss Francs… or bring sandwiches.




Created by: redsmartie
Distance: 175.7 mi
Ascent: 25,066 ft
Date: 07/21/2016
Duration: 10 hrs 5 min
Descent: 26,259 ft
Difficulty: Moderate


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