The transfer to Geneva was as painless as it could have been and we arose on the next morning to find our bikes lined up in the sunshine to the rear of the hotel. It didn’t take us long to load up and get on our way. The route would take us into Geneva (the hotel was actually just inside France in Thoiry) and then south. After tackling the city centre we rode for a good hour before I began to have suspicions that we weren’t on the route. Stopping for breakfast it became apparent that the SatNav was trying to take us to the fastest route to Bramans and not follow the pre-defined trips. Looking at the maps and desperately tinkering with the navigation settings had us ready to try again but it became evident that we would have to change the days route. We had gone way too far south west and were at Annecy and way off course. The plan was to head a short way north and then east towards Thônes. Once there and happy that I was getting to grips with the SatNav I entered a new route on the fly. It did mean that we had to abandon much of the planned route but we had made two discoveries. The Navigator V would fight to get off the good roads if you had ‘fastest’ route planning set and also the waypoints that I had told me not to alert me about had become ‘shaping points’ which were more advisory than actual waypoints. All was not lost though as having got back on track we stopped for lunch in La Clusaz and our first taste of a Swiss ski resort. We carried on along the route, stopping off at the spectacular Lac De Roselend with its azure blue water, and then broke off at Bourg St Maurice to take the road through Val-d’Isère and the Col de l’Iseran to approach Bramans from the opposite side than initially intended.




Created by: redsmartie
Distance: 183.0 mi
Ascent: 24,402 ft
Date: 07/21/2016
Duration: 10 hrs 27 min
Descent: 21,775 ft
Difficulty: Moderate


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