The accommodation at Bramans was an indulgence on my part, although the others secretly liked it too. We had opted for a bit of glamping in a wood walled, canvas roofed ‘tent’ on a camp site. It was all part of the adventure touring experience and the location was stunning at the foot of the mountains. We would also encounter the first of many was the bell towers that were an ongoing feature of our trip. While they do go silent overnight they start up again very early. Pretty much every place we stayed had a similar tower. There are no need for alarm clocks in the Alps. We set off very early the following morning in the sunshine having wiped the dew from the bikes. We set off just as the bell tower decided it was time for everyone to be awake and as the early mist cleared we rolled out of Bramans. This was the long ride down to Menton on the south coast of France. Our initial route took us over Mont-Cenis to Susa in Italy where we would have breakfast. The road down to Susa is a treat with well maintained roads, hairpins and sweeping curves. Easily one of the best on the trip. Leaving Susa it was all about getting our heads down on the Autostrada with the prospect of tolls. Having hit the coast we followed it around and back into France on a series of quite spectacular elevated roads. The accommodation at Menton was a nice change from the basic lodgings at the Bramans campsite being a 3 star hotel with underground secure parking, a rooftop terrace bar and a short stroll to the beach where we enjoyed a few beers and a bite to eat. Being in France it would have been rude not to dive into a bar and watch the host country beat Germany in the Euros where secretly I was cheering on Germany on behalf of my GS. But as France won we had to endure the streets erupting at the final whistle and car horns until the early hours.


Points of Interest



Created by: redsmartie
Distance: 231.5 mi
Ascent: 12,309 ft
Date: 07/21/2016
Duration: 8 hrs 42 min
Descent: 16,333 ft
Difficulty: Moderate


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