Andermatt is a very nice place to stay and perfectly located for any number of great rides. If we had opted to base ourselves at one location for our whole trip then this would have been it. Not only that we had what was probably the best hotel on the trip, the Alpenhotel Schlüssel. Clean modern rooms, private underground parking and staff who couldn’t do enough for us. After settling in we went on the search for food and found a place that was showing the Euro final. I’m not sure if it was the fact that the locals weren’t interested, or the fact that the heavens opened for the first time on the trip, but we watched the match pretty much alone. Ronaldo went off the pitch injured early on but still managed to win the game single handedly. At the final whistle a Portugal fan appeared in a car and drove around Andermatt until the early hours blowing their horn. Turns out at least one person cared about the result. The weather report for the next day was ominous and unless we wanted a severe soaking in a thunderstorm we would have to restrict our riding to half a day. We ditched the original route of Oberalp, Lukmanier and St. Gotthard for a half day around the passes missed on the previous day. We set off to do a loop on the St. Gotthard Pass to Airolo but then head west over the Nufenen pass and back around on the Furka again (having enjoyed it so much the first time). The weather had cleared up after the previous evenings downpour which we were very grateful for as our route took us on the Tremola with its miles of twisting cobbled road that I’d imagine could be interesting in the wet. Finding the Tremola caused some confusion. The SatNav knew exactly where it wanted to go but I was hesitant as the initial road gave the feeling that we were going to end up on a goat track. After circling a couple of times we committed to the road and I’m glad we did. Its still hard to get my head around how long it must have taken to lay all the cobbled road in its precise fanned out pattern. We stopped for photographs just below the new road/tunnel high above us. Dropping down to Airolo we had breakfast and carried on to the Nufenen. At the top of the Nufenen we stopped for a photo opportunity with the three flags of the two cantons and the Swiss flag and met three guys on a pair of GSA’s and a new Africa Twin. They had obviously been offroading and the bikes showed it. One guy worked at a BMW dealer, the other guy was sold his GS from the dealer and the third guy worked at a Honda dealer and was riding the demo Africa Twin. He mused that his boss was going to kill him when he saw the state of the bike. I thought to myself that they should just stick it in the showroom window unwashed, like one of Charlie Boorman’s bikes. We carried on back over the Furka where having regularly stopped to enjoy the views the first time I took the opportunity to open the bike up and enjoy it at speed. I’ve still yet to get my knee down on a GS yet. Arriving back in Andermatt we were a little frustrated that the weather was still holding and we possibly could have done the original route although with the previous days modifications it would have been at the expense of the Nufenen so all in all I was happy.




Created by: redsmartie
Distance: 67.1 mi
Ascent: 11,432 ft
Date: 07/21/2016
Duration: 8 hrs 46 min
Descent: 11,430 ft
Difficulty: Moderate


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