The next day the rain was still to come. All the reports were for thunderstorms and torrential rain so with this in mind we decided just to take the most direct run to Lauterbrunnen, although this would still take us over the Susten Pass, however by the time we reached our turning point at Brünig the sun was still shining and we decided to go for the run over the Glaubenburg. The roads were different to other routes consisting of tight roads through wooded areas and opening up to farmland and grazing cows. It was Emmental country after all. As we climbed higher the weather turned. Initially we rode into a cloud with next to no visibility and the moisture then turned into light rain which then turned into some of the heaviest rain I have ever rode in. The only saving grace is that in anticipation we were all dressed in our Motorrad Rain Lock jacket and trousers. Our gloves and boots were less protected and were drenched. As we dropped off the pass we reprogrammed the route. Get us to Lauterbrunnen ASAP!! At a place just outside of Thun we spotted the oasis that is BurgerKing and cold and wet we turned in to the car park. I have previously mentioned the prices in Switzerland and this is probably one of the best examples. I had a Whopper meal which cost me 18 Swiss Francs which works out at just over £14. What is it back home, around £5.99? And so we arrived at Lauterbrunnen rightly described as the Swiss Yosemite with is steep rock faces and tall waterfalls. The cloud was low and there was no way that you could see the Eiger although we were close to its base. On paper our accommodation should have been one of the best and it was certainly one of the most expensive. In reality it was one of the worst, in fact I can easily say that it was one of the worst places I’ve ever stayed. Give me back the tent we had in Bramans! On arrival we were presented with two keys to the two ‘double’ rooms we had booked. The man on reception tried to explain about the bathroom access but I was too cold and wet to listen fully. When we got to the rooms it took us a minute to realise that there were no bathrooms or toilet in either room. What our guy on reception had tried to explain to us is that the only shower and toilet was on the floor above and shared between every other room in the hotel! Despite this we ditched our gear and got some warm dry clothes on while trying to dry our gloves and boots on whatever heat source we could find.




Created by: redsmartie
Distance: 137.2 mi
Ascent: 16,543 ft
Date: 07/21/2016
Duration: 6 hrs 52 min
Descent: 18,617 ft
Difficulty: Moderate


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