14 of us met at Ranch Rd. T.H. & shuttled to the start on Lacoochee Rd T.H. While on the Blue Cross trail while either chatting or looking at our feet for obstacles we missed a turn so spent next 10 minutes retracing our steps. Elizabeth took the time to explain what to do in such instances & further emphasized the reason for all to stay together. The early weather was pleasant but afternoon temps reached 82. We successfully crossed the Withlacoochee with a few just meandering across in knee-high water. The rest skillfully balanced either by themselves or with the help of Mike Nelson, our sweep, on a huge downed tree. The region is quite pretty especially along the river. Sometimes it reminded us of a fall day up north as we crunched our way across oak-leaf covered trails. Some spotted a Black Racer snake right on the trail. Lunch was at Foster Bridge primitive site. After a 1 mile hike along Ranch Rd. we were greeted by the welcoming committee. Snacks & cooler were brought out for all to enjoy cold libations. After a few of us went back to Geoff's & Janice'shome only 2 miles down the road & were treated to a most interesting tour of his farm. I've included a few pix for those who missed it. This was a hike enjoyed by all. Thanks to everyone & especially Elizabeth, our leader & Mike not only our sweep but provider of "cold ones"




Distance: 12.9 mi
Ascent: 2,668 ft
Date: 02/20/2014
Duration: 5 hrs 54 min
Descent: 2,725 ft
Difficulty: Intermediate


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Points of Interest

Much chatting & looking down made us miss this turn & had to backtrack for about 10 minutes.
Mike & Randy
Randy is Mike Nelson's friend of over 40 years. They spent 3 wonderful weeks together with Randy joining us on 2 hikes. Sadly he returns to California next day. Hope to see him again.
High Bluff campsite sign
This is another primitive camp in the West Green swamp.
Lunch stop at Foster Bridge Campsite
A beautiful spot right on the river. Picnic tables & fire ring will make it "just like home" for a weary hiker
A Rare Treat
Here I am up close & personal to a young Albino. Because they are hand fed they are very gentle & comfortable around people. Their eyes are red.
Why DID they cross Ranch Road??? Maybe they wanted some of that barley in our Beer!
3 Albinos & 1 Joey
About 2 miles down Ranch Rd. Geoff & Janice treated us to a tour of their farm
In the Bag
Geoff is trying to produce a great many Albino Kangaroos. He & his wife, Janice bottle feed the Joeys that the mothers have abandoned. This is the replacement pouch.
Refreshments after the hike
We all raised our bottles to a job well done.