This loop trail inn Henry Horton State Park is an easy 5 mile hike. We started on Hickory Ridge LoopTrail near the campground store, taking the outer loop. We hen connected to a River Trail Loop and River Trail to take us back to the campground.


Points of Interest



Created by: MamaTheLlama
Distance: 5.0 mi
Ascent: 1,266 ft
Date: 08/09/2017
Duration: 3 hrs 32 min
Descent: 1,248 ft
Difficulty: Beginner


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Points of Interest

06-AUG-17 4:16:36PM
06-AUG-17 4:39:05PM
06-AUG-17 5:19:20PM
06-AUG-17 5:25:07PM
06-AUG-17 5:29:46PM
06-AUG-17 5:40:52PM
06-AUG-17 7:00:46PM
06-AUG-17 7:34:14PM