If you would like to read my full trip report, check my blog! http://nolofacereinsipida.blogspot.com/2014/09/hinde-site-is-golden.html




Created by: Lettington
Distance: 36.1 mi
Ascent: 17,367 ft
Date: 09/17/2014
Duration: 3,501 min
Descent: 17,362 ft
Tags: Arnica, camping, island mountain ramblers, Mountaineering, Phillips Ridge, Provincial Park, Schjelderup, Strathcona Park, vancouver Island
Difficulty: Moderate


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Points of Interest

20-AUG-14 10:02:16AM
20-AUG-14 12:04:01PM
20-AUG-14 12:32:12PM
20-AUG-14 3:41:57PM
20-AUG-14 6:22:26PM
21-AUG-14 7:05:10AM
21-AUG-14 8:26:20AM
21-AUG-14 10:25:22AM
21-AUG-14 11:46:31AM
Golden Hinde
The Behinde
22-AUG-14 2:22:52PM