One of the more delightful hikes anywhere in Washington state, this one provides relative ease yet retains alpine-like views. The destination is worth packing a meal for, and lingering as there are views all around of peaks and one killer view of Diablo Lake. Make sure to check for the status of the footbridges over Colonial Creek, at the beginning of the hike. They are removed for the winter.




Created by: Glenn_Nelson
Distance: 3.5 mi
Ascent: 730 ft
Date: 05/17/2015
Duration: 3 hrs 37 min
Descent: 678 ft
Tags: North Cascades National Park, Thunder Knob Trail, Jack Mountain, Davis Peak, McMillan Spires, Colonial Creek, Colonial Peak, Pyramid Peak, Sourdough Mountain, Rub
Difficulty: Beginner


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