Badger to Deer Lake




Created by: Darryl_Perrin
Distance: 83.3 mi
Ascent: 4,748 ft
Date: 09/15/2013
Duration: 7 hrs 34 min
Descent: 5,000 ft
Difficulty: Beginner


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Points of Interest

Trail Blazers Efficiency Units. This place fantastic. Nice living room with leather sofas, washer & dryer, six rooms, patio deck with bbq, well stocked kitchen too. Very reasonably priced and great service from the owner.
Another gas station we filled up at before heading out for the day. This Irving gas station was also a convenience store well stocked with supplies for the trip. It was conveniently located just a minute drive from Trail Blazers.
This Motel has a path directly off the trail to the back door. It's a nice spot with a restaurant in the basement and a few pubs within walking distance.