Spring has sprung on the trail! Birds are singing and flowers are blooming! That doesn't mean the chances for snow and cold are over, though. Spring is a fickle season.




Created by: CNHM
Distance: 1.4 mi
Ascent: 38 ft
Date: 05/21/2016
Duration: 96 min
Descent: 774 ft
Difficulty: Beginner


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Points of Interest

DSCN3226 (1024x768)
Serviceberry blooms in spring. The legend behind its name is that in the old days, dead bodies had to be stored over the winter, because the ground was too hard to dig. This shrub blooms in spring after the ground has thawed, and everyone got their funeral service all at once.
DSCN3041 (1024x768)
Wood anemone is in bud, and some are blooming, too!
DSCN3042 (1024x768)
Dandelion isn’t blooming yet in the forest.
DSCN3044 (768x1024)
Sweetfern is in bloom!
DSCN3048 (1024x768)
Red maple leaves have lots of the pigment anthocyanin in the spring and fall to protect the leaves while there isn’t enough chlorophyll yet.
DSCN3053 (1024x768)
Aspen leaves are quaking!
DSCN3055 (1024x768)
Baby sugar maple leaves look gorgeous in sunlight.
DSCN3070 (1024x768)
Canada mayflower leaves are carpeting the ground. Only the ones with 2-3 leaves will produce flowers. The rest of the patch are connected by underground rhizomes, and help feed the bloomers.
DSCN3074 (1024x768)
A gossiping group of fern fiddleheads. These are NOT the kind you eat.
DSCN3078 (1024x768)
The grass is greener!
DSCN3081 (1024x768)
Native northern fly honeysuckle is beautiful!
DSCN3085 (1024x768)
The tiny leaves of water calla are expanding in the bog by the bridge.
DSCN3088 (1024x768)
This tiny bud belongs to goldthread. It will soon have 6 delicate white petals.
DSCN3093 (1024x768)
There is a blackburnian warbler somewhere up in those pines. Google it. They are beautiful!
DSCN3115 (1024x768)
Tamaracks look so delicate and wispy this time of year.
DSCN3120 (1024x768)
Those little balls are flower buds of pitcher plant! It will be growing new leaves soon, too.
DSCN3122 (1024x791)
I didn’t have a focal point when I zoomed in on the bog, but I think those tiny red spikes are the buds of sundew leaves!
DSCN3106 (1024x768)
Leatherleaf in bloom in the bog. Those urn-shaped flowers are typical of the Ericacea Family.
DSCN3124 (1024x768)
Tamarack is our only deciduous conifer. Its needles grow in with a fantastic shade of green!
DSCN3096 (1024x768)
Labrador tea made it through the winter with its orange wool sweater.
DSCN3136 (1024x768)
These sapsucker holes are old, but there was a live sapsucker today calling in the trees above.
DSCN3137 (1024x768)
Green-up is beautiful.
DSCN3140 (1024x719)
Can you identify the south-bound end of this north-bound bird?
DSCN3143 (1024x768)
Robin belly.
DSCN3145 (1024x723)
Another mystery warbler high in a tree with poor light. Any thoughts?
DSCN3148 (1024x768)
Trilliums are always a treat of spring.
DSCN3149 (1024x768)
Trillium seeds are planted by ants, so they often grow in clusters that used to be anthills.
DSCN3155 (1024x802)
Starflower is in bud! It will soon have seven white petals – seven is a very unusual number in nature.
DSCN3159 (1024x768)
Little wood rushes grace the edges of the path.
DSCN3163 (1024x768)
Alternate-leaved dogwood is so elegant with its “arcuate venation.”
DSCN3173 (1024x768)
Another little grass-like plant in flower along the path. They look like starbursts!
DSCN3175 (1024x768)
This is the tippy-top of a young balsam fir, with brand-new buds ready to grow!
DSCN3182 (1024x768)
Maple-leaved viburnum is a lovey understory plant with pretty umbels of flowers that will bloom soon.
DSCN3187 (1024x768)
What’s growing with the moss?
DSCN3192 (1024x768)
A Solar Farm of Canada mayflower leaves. They are all gathering energy to share with the rest and help some bloom.
DSCN3195 (1024x768)
Chokecherry buds are arranged in flower spikes called racemes.
DSCN3198 (1024x768)
The white pine is getting its “candles” of new growth.
DSCN3206 (1024x768)
Violets hug the ground to stay warm. Their seeds are also dispersed by ants.
DSCN3208 (1024x768)
Trailing arbutus flowers have the most amazing smell – if you’re willing to get down on your belly.
DSCN3210 (1024x768)
More chokecherry leaves and flower spikes.
DSCN3236 (1024x964)
Up-close with a strawberry flower. Beauty leads to sweetness.
DSCN3239 (1024x768)
Dandelions may be a weed, but they are also an important source of nectar and pollen for bees, and seeds for goldfinches.
DSCN3031 (1024x768)
The trailhead is greening up!